Susan Dromey Heeter’s Budget Vogue: Glamour at a price that can’t be beat

Kat Murphy of The Prominence Boutique is my hero.

And who is she? And why is this Budget Vogue Fashionista so impressed? Well, dear readers, Kat exudes all that is vogue. All that is budget. All that is fashionista.

The 2018 Prominence Boutique was officially open in mid-April in Newmarket, and offers over 200 formal dresses for free. Free. The Newmarket Community Church was filled, literally, with donated gowns, donated shoes, donated accessories. I came upon this delightful boutique as I drove down Route 108 on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Balloons adorned the door and a sign announced, “PROM DRESSES!” I had to stop, and am ever so grateful I did. Kat Murphy welcomed me with open arms and a truly joyous spirit.

The Prominence Boutique was started in 2010 at Exeter High School by a group of teachers and students who discovered that many, many students had beautiful dresses they no longer wore or needed and discovered that many, many students were in search of bargains and prom dresses. A beautiful match was made, and has been going on ever since. Hundreds of gowns have been donated, hundreds of gowns have been worn, hundreds of gowns have been saved from landfills. Thousands of dollars have been saved.

And who can “shop?” Anyone. Anyone, regardless of economic situation – good, bad, indifferent. Anyone who loves saving a buck or four hundred, who loves the art of the recycle, the re-wear.

My own daughter is going to her prom this month. I had her on speed dial and, mercifully, she listened to her mother – for once – and found a fabulous gown and accessories. Thank you, Kat, thank you, Prominence Boutique. Maria will look astonishingly gorgeous at her prom and I will bask in the money saved that can go toward her college tuition.

Gowns are not necessarily just for prom. Need something formal? Go to the Prominence Facebook page, Kat will find you something to wear to whatever event requires some bling. Truly. Mother of the Bride? Concert? Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? Go get a dress from the Prominence Boutique. You’ll look fabulous and you will glow from the money saved. No need for a facial; financial security provides a lovely aura!

Finally, Budget Vogue fashionistas, do share this with anyone you know who may need some formal attire, a dress for an occasion, a reason to save some cash and our most lovely planet. Go to the Prominence Boutique of Newmarket and Exeter and do contact the most fabulous Kat Murphy. And if you have a dress to donate? This is the place.

And who knows? Perhaps I’ll wear your frock at Harry’s wedding; I’ll look fabulous next to the Queen.

Susan Dromey Heeter lives and teaches on the Seacoast. Contact her at Budget Vogue runs once a month.

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