Considering Participating in a Mission Trip?

If you’re interested in serving others from different cultures for a week to 10 days, have an open mind, a giving heart, and the ability to be flexible, you should consider joining a mission team!

One Heart Mission is led by Pastor Patty to provide short term national & international mission trip experiences to people of all ages and faith traditions.   

To date, in country trips have included 8 day trips to South Dakota, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Houston Texas.  We’re open to where the Spirit leads in planning upcoming in-country mission experiences.    

International 8-10 day trips to Guatemala through the Salud Y Paz mission organization occur annually.   Pastor Patty is a member of the Board of Directors of International Hands in Service, (SaludYPaz), a 501c3 health and welfare mission organization.

Guatemalan Children

Pictures & Stories

For pictures and stories from previous mission trips, visit:
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