Kicking off NCC’s 2022 Summer Season!

Are you ready for a cookout & picnic by the river to open your Summer 2022 season? If your answer is YES, then please join us on Sunday, June 26 in Schoppmeyer Park at 10 North Main Street in Newmarket. We will celebrate a Sunday service at 10AM, followed by food, games, and great fellowship alongside the Lamprey River.

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Your Love and Support Mean the World to Me

Life was not easy for Sue. It became clear at an early age that she learned differently than other students and at that time, she was not supported in a way that she needed to thrive academically, socially, or emotionally. It is heartbreaking. Sadly, alcohol addiction and mental health disorders run strong in my family and Suzie was not spared in the family lineage. In adulthood she struggled a great deal in this way and it hurt her and the people she loved in so many ways.

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