Newmarket Community Church (NCC) has been a fixture in Newmarket since its construction in 1828. The Church has been in continual use ever since, as a house of worship, a sanctuary for celebrations of life and marriage, and a provider of vital community services.  It stands today as one of only two churches in Newmarket, and the only Protestant church.   The Church is deeply rooted in spiritual, social, and civic life in Newmarket, hosting the town’s food pantry, support groups, human services agencies, and community events.  The building, steeple, and town clock, which chimes every hour, make the Church a prominent downtown landmark and an integral part of Newmarket’s very identity.

The First Congregational Church  

Established in 1828, NCC was the First Congregation Church and Reverend David Sanford served as its first pastor. At inception the building had neither steeple nor vestry. Though humble, 400 citizens called it home. In 1840 the church steeple was added and in 1855 the building was raised and the the Fellowship Hall was added underneath.  Later that same year the organ was installed into the larger sanctuary.

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