Nancy Peacock
Chair of Deaconate

I guess you can say I am a true New Englander, born in Connecticut, raised in Bedford N.H, and a graduate from Plymouth State University where I met my husband. Don and I moved to Newmarket in 1986 and had our son Alex two years later. 

For the past several years I have been practicing as a certified holistic wellness Coach and Reki Master. 

Having lived in Newmarket for the last 35 years and my husband and I running a sail and powerboat dealership in Massachusetts for 25 years, I was never really that involved in the town or had an opportunity to connect with that many people in Newmarket.

As a member of the Newmarket Business Association for the last five years I have been active networking with local businesses at area events. 
That is when I met Pastor Patty,  which was a blessing and my entry a couple of years later attending my first NCC service on Christmas Eve 2017.
I knew Pastor was making a big difference in our community and I wanted to be a part of that mission as well as seeking a deeper connection with God. 
I am continually grateful for the support from our wonderful congregation and having the opportunity to give back to this great community as a deacon.