Ron Orcutt

Ron Orcutt

My name is Ron Orcutt. I am no one special, I found God when I cried out. Broken and hurting, I had no where else to go. My faith grew in spite of all the questions, and all the ups and downs. Things were going to change.

I grew up in Hampstead new hampshire in a very dysfunctional home. My parents divorced when I had completed eighth grade.  When my Father moved to California I went but ran away from home. I made it back to New England.

I tried to enlist in the Marine Corps when I was fifteen, and again when I was sixteen finally making it when I was seventeen.

I quit school and with the Marine Corps I had finally found some where that I fit in. When overseas I volunteered for everything and anything I could. But could not find God. Even though I was scared and hurting.

When a love one becomes sick and you can’t make it right, you can’t stop the sadness or pain. When everyone that you thought could help was gone. You find God when you are left alone

I try to pay it forward best I can. I make mistakes all the time, do so much wrong. But I know in my heart that God watches over us and hears all prayers. And I will always try to help others best I can. And reassure them that God does watch over us and that we are never alone. I am no one special, I’m just me.

Chair of Nominating Committee
Robin Orcutt
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Cindy Hibert