October 21, 2018 Newsletter

October 21, 2018 Newsletter

Meet Katelyn Clough

Ask Katelyn what she likes best about being NCC’s office manager and she’ll quickly say, “Helping people get the services they need.” That may mean finding housing for a homeless family, food for those in need or dozens of other services NCC regularly provides.

“ I took the job,” Katelyn says, “simply because I was having a baby and could work at NCC and keep my son with me during the day.”  Now Katelyn credits NCC and Patty Marsden with helping her find her true calling in life and she is pursuing a social work degree while working at the church.

Jon Kiper and Katelyn own Jonny Boston’s across the street and their son Oliver, is now 2 ½ years old.

Katelyn loves working with Pastor Patty and says she knows just how she ticks. “When she gets overloaded with work, she rearranges the furniture in her office,” Katelyn says. “Sometimes she even rearranges my office too. But that’s a good sign, because, after that, she’s ready to tackle anything!”

Ring My Bell

For whom the bell tolls?  Actually, it tolls for no one right now. That’s because the mechanism that makes the large bronze bell in the NCC steeple ring –on the hour-every hour is– temporarily on the fritz.  As one hapless resident put it, “I need that bell to wake me up in the morning.”

Fear not, a steeple bell repairperson will be up top to fix whatever is broken in the next week. So where do you find a steeple bell repairperson? Check with Skip.

Theology on Tap

Kate Heidt and Julie Rhuda discuss the finer points of faith and belief.  

If you think Theology on Tap is all about beers and bibles, think again. It’s really more of a free-form discussion with food and beverages added.

At Jonny Boston’s last Wednesday, one topic was the difference between faith and belief. Another asked if there were rainbows before the great flood. Still, another asked how today’s technology affects religion. That led to musings about whether Jesus would be a blogger or a vlogger and how the Internet affects our spiritual lives.

Learn more about Theology on Tap (on the third Weds. of the month) by attending the next meeting at Kume Japanese restaurant Nov. 28 from 7 pm to 8 (ish).

Getting Canned.

There’s a shortage of canned goods in the food pantry.  Now’s your chance to clean out your own pantry. Or, perhaps you could head over to the store and pick up a few cans of soup, green beans or even spaghetti O’s. It will all be greatly appreciated! 

Googling God

God gave us the gift of life. It is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.




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