November 4, 2018 Newsletter

November 4, 2018 Newsletter

Meet Peter Naitove

You might call Peter Naitove “the great explorer,” at least when it comes to faith. Having grown up in a town without a temple there weren’t many Jewish services he could attend. “Most of my friends were Christian and we celebrated Hanukah and Christmas at home,” Peter said.

As an adult, Peter explored his spiritual side looking for the meaning of life and death, After his wife’s passing, Peter moved from Keene to Newmarket. “Moving to the seacoast was a long time coming,” Peter said. My wife and I had always wanted to live here.”  It wasn’t long before Peter wandered into Pastor Patty’s office and they ended up having a long discussion about life, religion and his wife’s death.

A certified school psychologist, Peter became involved with the Newmarket Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention, which meets at NCC. Not long after that, Peter began regularly attending NCC church services, which he has done, with his partner Noreen, for about two years.

“I love talking to pastor Patty and NCC has given me a spiritual home,” Peter said. “There’s a real sense of community and caring at NCC.” Peter said.

Hate? Meet Love

Members of NCC attended the memorial service at Temple Beth Israel on Monday night. They were there to offer love and support to the Jewish community after the horrific shooting at the Tree of Life temple in Pittsburgh.

During the service we were all Jewish in spirit, singing in Hebrew and praying. Pastor Patty along with ten other community leaders from the Seacoast spoke movingly and faithfully. Rabbi Ira Korinov thanked everyone for their high level of support and prayers. He reminded everyone that we are made in God’s image.

Fright Night


Mr. Halloween, Rich Heidt, stands before his ghoulish creation, a hundred-foot-long haunted tunnel in NCC’s fellowship hall.  In total, the haunted Halloween effort raised more than $200 for NCC’s love offering.

Googling God

Yeshuat Hashem k’heref ayin. The salvation of God is like the blink of an eye.”

                  Pesikta Zutreta, Esther 4:17.


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