The Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain – The Life Blood of Newmarket Community Church

You are invited; no you are requested to join the NCC Prayer Chain because prayer is a vital to this community of faith!  Miracles happen because of prayer! Lives are changed because people pray! Comfort is received because of prayer! God hears and answers because of prayer!

Here is how The NCC Prayer Chain works:

  • A prayer requested is received at NCC from anyone desiring prayer
  • That request is shared with prayer chain members by email or phone call or text or any combination as desired
  • Each team member holds that request up in prayer immediately upon receipt and as often possible throughout your day
  • Updates are sent as often as available so team members can see the hand of God working through NCC answering prayers

Joining is very easy!

Simply call, text or email Steve Case and request to be on the Prayer Chain!

  • Tell Steve how you would like to receive the prayer requests.. if by phone call include your phone number… if by text include your phone number… if by email include your email address and yes you can receive the prayer requests multiple ways so make sure you are instantly and always up to date!

Feel free to call or email the office with your requests or you can contact Steve Case directly via phone call or text at 603-659-2034 or email at