Prayer is talking to God
We can worship when we pray
When we pray, we can ask God for help and build our trust in God
Prayer can we singing to God
Prayer can be writing a note to God
When we pray, we can whisper to God and God will hear us
We can close our eyes to pray to God
Prayers can be can be short or long
God is open to our prayers 24/7!

Sharing of Joys & Concerns

To Share a Joy or Concern you may call or email Pastor Patty Marsden
659-3892 or

Please join us in prayer

… for Grace who is struggling with addiction, Bella’s medical difficulties, Don who has been diagnosed with dementia, Emma who has a difficult road ahead. We pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ from the Chisumbanje Church in Zimbabwe, the SaludYPaz mission organization in Guatemala, and Red Bird mission in Kentucky.
Please join in our joy for Rose and her Easter baptism.

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