Exploring the Bible

Exploring the Bible

On earth, the kingdom of God comes into the lives of God’s people. When asked by a bunch of teachers of the Law, “Where is this kingdom that you’re talking about?” Jesus basically said: You know what? The kingdom is inside of you. The rule and reign of God begins in you—with you saying “yes” to God.  Whenever you think God is speaking to you—through the Word, through a prompting of the Spirit, through a circumstance, through a friend, through the guise of the ordinary or the disguise of the least of these—whenever you believe God is speaking to you, let “Yes, God!” rise instinctively from your heart. – Christianity Today

Here at NCC the reality that learning about Christianity and the spiritual path is a lifelong process is part of the culture.  Nobody has it all figured out; God IS still speaking into life each and every day.  Through regular study and reflection of scripture the hope is that the journey of faith becomes more intentional and meaningful.

So, join in each week to explore the Bible at 10:00 am on Monday morning in Pastor Patty’s Study to learn, share reflections, sip coffee and tea, and find where God is leading us.

Or, maybe an evening time would fit your schedule?  Most Tuesday evenings from 6- 7:30PM there is a gathering to explore the Bible in the Fellowship Hall, share a simple pot luck dinner, and learn more about God.

To find out more about bible study on a specific week, please contact us at admin@newmarketchurch.org.